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Like many others, I picked up a new hobby during the lockdown last year. Actually, I picked up quite a few new hobbies, one of which is doing nail art at home. It became a way to have fun with art, being creative and having nice nails.

I recently expanded to buying a UV LED lamp for my newly bought gel polishes, and this is when I realised, why not create a guide on doing nail art at home by yourself? Why spend £20 or more just to get a manicure?

I decided to first focus on nail polish, and next time I will talk more about gel polish, since it is better to start easy. If this is your first time painting nails, welcome! If you already have painted your nails before but would like to learn more about nail art, then you have come to the right place.

In the beginning, I had started off with buying basecoat and topcoat, before moving on to buying colours. These can be found in any drugstores, amazon, other online shops, and supermarkets. An expensive but a personal favourite brand of mine is OPI for nail polishes, because the brush is perfect for my nails, it is easy to use, and the colours always come out really nice. Moreover, there is an option to either go for a glossy finish or a matte finish for the nails, so if you prefer a matte look, then buy a matte topcoat.

Finding a pair of good nail clippers, nail file, cuticle pusher, and cuticle trimmer is also useful in order to keep your hands and nails healthy and well-maintained.

The steps for a simple manicure are:

  1. Cut your nails to the desired length.
  2. File the nails to the desired shape.
  3. Push back your cuticles and trim off the excess.
  4. Apply a base coat on the nail and let dry.
  5. Choose a colour and apply a thin first layer, then let dry.
  6. Apply the same colour on top as the second layer, then let dry. The colour should pop more since there are two layers.
  7. Apply a topcoat, this can either be a clear gloss coat or a matte topcoat.

Now that you have a nice simple manicure look on your hands. It is time for the fun arty stuff! If you want, you can go order or buy some glitters, stencils, brushes, stickers, and more. Most of these can be bought from either a drugstore, nail shop or from Amazon.

Once you have everything, it is just a matter of being creative, finding inspiration online and practicing on your nails. Here are some examples of nail art looks:

Pinterest is a great place to find new ideas and inspirations for nail art, so head there and have a look at some more pictures. You might find some new ways to do cool stuff on your manicure!

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