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Cleo Ice Queen comes guns blazing on the first release off her upcoming full body of work  . Bearing a melodic tune with striking bass guitar notes as well as subtle drums, this song has a balanced kick needed to declare this single a hit.

Since news of her signing to Def Dam Recordings Africa  there has been major anticipation of new music and “So Cold” was indeed worth the wait. This track shines a spotlight on everyday struggles young people face especially in the entertainment industry , the lyrics are heart piercing and very reflective to the world that is . “We’ve lost so many people to mental illness and Covid among other things. The dark cloud of death has been upon us since Covid broke out and I felt I needed to talk about that…address death (the inevitable) and forge through all sorts of emotions and speak to my fans through this music. No matter how dark or cold the world is… life goes on and happy and sunnier days are your portion. You gotta take the good with the bad. Without the dark or cold, you’d never appreciate the light in the warmth of the world.” Said the award winning Cleo

Cleo rising above all challenges is well put on this single and her strength is felt with every lyric she lays . “So Cold” is the perfect single to kick off the journey to the album release . The upcoming 11-track EP is packed with exceptional features from artists who are currently shaking the music scene in the Zambian music industry . Selecting the single to go out first as an intro to the upcoming full body of work was befitting and what is to follow on other tracks will blow the listeners away . Put is her own words Cleo said “ When selecting singles for the album…So Cold felt so deep and so personal and it was the only song from EP I had recorded solo. It needed a moment to shine and it’s the perfect record to open up all vibes that the album brings because it’s vulnerable.

After that type of expression… you can expect anything from this EP and not be surprised but rather vibe and appreciate.”

Cleo Ice Queen really brought it with this single !

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