Zambian teens experience unique Russian winter opportunity

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8 Zambian kids, along dozens of their counterparts from Egypt, India, Russia and Turkey, became a part of the international cooperation program of State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom

Zambian children and their friends enjoying a Russian winter at the

Zambian children and their friends enjoying a Russian winter at the “Rosatom.School”.

In the beginning of the new 2019 year, over 30 kids from Zambia, India, Egypt, Turkey and Russia got a chance to admire the Russian winter in the very heart of the country – Ural mountains, a ridge that separates Europe and Asia. Teenage children of nuclear industry professionals were attending “International Smart Holidays” – a “Rosatom School” project supported by State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

Over 10 days children were able to develop their creative abilities and talents, acquire new skills in art and sports, get new impressions and new friends, share the cultural experience and national traditions, and just have fun by playing winter games like sleigh rides or snowball fighting.

“Rosatom is very happy to make this contribution in educating and giving unique experience to African youth. We firmly believe that innovative and creative practices like “Rosatom School” help children gain confidence and reveal their creative potential for their future endeavors,” – said Mr. Dmitry Shornikov, CEO of Rosatom Central and Southern Africa.

From the first day upon arrival, on January 3, the children were immersed in multilingual educational and entertainment events and such activities as playing Russian folk instruments as well as learning modern and traditional Russian dances and creating educational quests. Moreover, they had a great time whilst making souvenirs like “valenki” – Russian winter boots, “varezhki” – Russian winter gloves and “kokoshnik” – Russian headdress.

Mr. Reuben Katebe, National Coordinator of the Center of Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST) project, comments: “Zambia together with Russia builds Zambian nuclear industry. Cooperation in various fields helps us get to know each other better”.

“We understand how important it is to work with the young generation, – emphasized Mr. Dmitry Shornikov. – Today more than 50 students from sub-Saharan Africa study nuclear physics in Russia, and we hope that some of our young guests will soon join the multinational nuclear student team.”

“Thanks to “Rosatom School”, young people willing to study nuclear in Russia have a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with national traditions at the early age, – Mr. Reuben Katebe added. – We witness new Zambian nuclear generation coming up and getting prepared to work for the Zambia’s greatest future by boosting country’s economy and quality of life”.

The Zambia children on the trip were Andriy Muchindo, Walingula Ndumingu, Tamenji Ada Miti, Sibongile Azra Miti, Praise Malumbo Kalinde, Laban Katebe, Micheal Zacks Mbao and Lukundo Siwila