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LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Zambian Breweries has commended the Government over the launch of the Public Private Dialogue (PPD) Forum, which seeks to further strengthen the private sector’s engagement in Zambia’s economic development. The newly launched mechanism will act as a structured mechanism for interactions between the public and the private sectors in tackling bottlenecks that have inhibited the growth of the private sector.

Zambian Breweries Country Director Michelle Kilpin said: “While the public sector is responsible for providing key public services, the private sector is critical to harnessing the expertise and realising the value of Zambia’s resources for the betterment of all Zambians.” The mechanism will increase awareness and legitimacy of the Zambian private sector being a key partner in development, including through establishing new enterprises, creating jobs, providing goods and services, generating income and profits, and contributing to public revenues, which are critical to increasing the countries’ self-reliance and promotes sustainable growth, she added.

“The PPD mechanism should fully recognise the diverse forms of engagement that the private sector brings to support development, together with the government and other cooperating partners. As Zambia’s biggest brewer, we have very important responsibilities that extend beyond just running a profitable business. Our growth strategy hinges on building and developing the communities we operate in.” Ms Kilpin further said recognising the private sector as an equal, complementary partner in discussing and identifying solutions and actions to promote development effectiveness was a sign that Zambia is moving in the right direction.