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Agribusiness giant shares its passion for football

Delegates from the Southern African Footwear and Leather Export Council (SAFLEC) learn about the tanning process at Zamleather.

Delegates from the Southern African Footwear and Leather Export Council (SAFLEC) learn about the tanning process at Zamleather.

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Zambeef Products is sharing its love of Zambian football across the country from today with free screenings of its K1.5 million blockbuster football movie that captures the passion, excitement and national pride of the Zambian football team.

The award-winning e18hteam movie, which is sponsored by Zambeef, will be screened in major towns across the country throughout August and September and captures Zambian football’s most defining moments – from the lows of the 1993 Gabon air crash to the highs of the 2012 AFCON.

“When we were first approached to sponsor the movie, Zambeef saw it as an opportunity to contribute towards the preservation of a part of our history for future generations. This movie goes to the heart of the nation’s love of football and we wanted to ensure the moment was not lost in time,” said Joint Chief Executive Officer Carl Irwin.

The “Zambeef in your Town” tour, which calls on all football loving Zambians to get their “Dibili on”, also features performances by local artists and will showcase the film from Kitwe to Livingstone and from Mongu to Chipata.

The company has supported football teams paying in leagues and at community level, helping to groom footballers at the grassroots including AFCON 2012 squad member James Chamanga.

“Being a proudly Zambian company ourselves, Chipolopolo football is as much a part of us as is the ‘nyama’. We have sponsored community programmes and TV coverage of several of the team’s games and been their official meat providers while in camp” said Dr Irwin.

“The whole idea behind the e18hteam documentary is to remember a moment in time when Zambia showed the world the best of itself. Here we have a nation that has been in mourning for 18 years over the loss of its national football team and just like a flash back, we’re back on the same field, playing the game that we love so much. And suddenly it’s like the match all those years ago never ended and it continued before our very eyes! When the final whistle blows; you know beyond anything that this was one those moments in history where everything came to a standstill and held its breath as if this was the moment everything existed for up until this time and when it is past you’re like ‘yes, that was it’ even if you couldn’t quiet say what it was,” said Dr Irwin.

“The film is for the football enthusiast, the coach wanting to inspire a new generation of young players, young, old, men, and women; simply put, it is for everyone for calls themselves a proud Zambian, so come out in numbers and show your support for the team, because this, this has always been our game, no matter the outcome!”

Zambeef’s own Zamleather division makes the popular Kaleza Z-12 model leather football boots, the first of its kind to be locally designed and manufactured in Zambia. It is also home to the Alive & Kicking employment-generation project, which makes quality leather soccer balls that carry health messages and are distributed to underprivileged teams nationwide.

The e18hteam is a co-production by Zambia’s Ngosa Chungu and her Spanish counterpart Juan Rodriguez-Brisco and has been internationally recognised. It was recently showcased this year at Cannes in France. The sponsorship by Zambeef is the country’s largest local corporate sponsorship ever to have been given towards an arts project.

The Zambeef in your Town Dibili roadshow kicks off in Kabwe today (Thursday, August 6) and will hit Chingola on Friday, August 7 then Kitwe on Saturday, August 8.

The team will be in Kaoma on August 14; Mongu on August 15; Choma on August 21; Livingstone on August 22; Chipata on August 29 and Mansa on September 5.

Follow the tour on the Zambeef Facebook page: and Twitter @ZambeefPlc or with the hashtag #ZambeefInYourTown.




9hrs, Thursday, August 6, 2015 , Zambeef head office


Distinguished guests, members of the media, ladies and gentlemen

It was only a few months ago that we gathered for the signing ceremony of the largest arts and film sponsorship that Zambia has ever known.

Zambeef’s K1.5 million financing ensured that a great moment in our history was preserved in the e18hteam movie; a movie that will tell of the legacy of Zambian football for generations to come.

The e18hteam is not just about football – or winning and losing – but about the principles that the game itself represents: passion, determination, hope, faith, perseverance, national pride, spirit, hard work and above all discipline.

These are principles I am sure that our team embodied as they pushed their way against the tide and finally broke through every barrier to attain the 2012 AFCON Championship trophy. And these too are principles that Zambeef shares.

Ladies and gentlemen, the great journey such as the one we have been privileged to witness did not begin in 2012; it began long before even the 1993 disaster that left such a hole in the heart of the nation of Zambia. It began and still remains in the hearts of every well-meaning Zambian that strives for greatness; in people like Ngosa Chungu, who went further than anyone thought was possible with Zambian film.

It is alive in companies like Zambeef who see the vast potential that Zambia has and taken risks to actualise that potential where others may not have.

Ladies and gentlemen, football is a game that is very close to the heart of this nation. When, Zambeef stepped in to finance the completion of the e18hteam we hoped that this moment would be captured and not fade into oblivion and that as many people as possible may also get to witness it.

Today, as we stand here we can proudly say that e18hteam has already won two awards and was shown this year at Cannes in France.

But ladies and gentlemen, Zambeef’s commitment to football goes deeper than that.

Throughout its history Zambeef has supported a number of football teams playing in leagues and at community level. It has been involved in the grooming of upcoming footballers at the grassroots, one of whom was among the AFCON 2012 squad: James Chamanga.

It has also been our privilege to provide meat for the Chipolopolo team whilst in camp and also help bring televised casting of the games by way of sponsorship.

The inspiration for the popular Kaleza Z-12 model leather soccer boots from the Zamleather division, designed and manufactured in Zambia, is rooted in football. Zamleather is also home to the Alive & Kicking employment-generation project that manufacturers quality leather soccer balls that carry health messages and are distributed to under-privileged teams nationwide.

It has been a long journey – as all things great are – but we are finally here at the moment where we unveil this tribute to a team that made us want to dream again. A preview of the greatness the nation of Zambia is capable of achieving and in particular the younger generation.

So, ladies and gentlemen, today, we are proud to share this movie with the rest of Zambia as we launch the Zambeef in Your Town Dibili Road show which will see the movie screened for free in towns the length and breadth of the country.

Thank you

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