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Agribusiness giant demonstrates efficiencies

Zambeef CEO Francis Grogan explains the company's diversified operations to Botswana High Commissioner Tuenlonyana Ditlhabi-Oliphant

Zambeef CEO Francis Grogan explains the company’s diversified operations to Botswana High Commissioner Tuenlonyana Ditlhabi-Oliphant

Zambeef Products has been hailed as a pan-African role model of agribusiness diversification by a leading regional diplomat.

Botswana High Commissioner HE Tuelonyana Ditlhabi-Oliphant praised the meat-to-stockfeed conglomerate as a prime example of agro-industrial excellence within Africa.

“It is the diversity of the production that is very, very impressive,” said Mrs Ditlhabi-Oliphant as she toured Zambeef’s operations in Chisamba yesterday (October 25). “It is really the level of diversification: everything from beef to poultry and milk, and the fact that nothing is wasted.”

Zambeef’s business model was of interest to Botswana, which was looking to diversify its livestock sector, said Mrs Ditlhabi-Oliphant.

The High Commissioner, accompanied by representatives from the Botswana Young Farmers Association, was given the guided tour by Zambeef Chief Executive Officer Francis Grogan, who explained how the company used every part of an animal carcass in an integrated production system that incorporated sausage manufacturing, leather tanning and value addition through packaging and marketing.

“Diversification is at the heart of Zambeef’s business of providing quality, affordable protein products – beef, chicken, pork, fish, eggs, milk and butter – to Zambian consumers,” said Mr Grogan. “And we have also taken that diversification a step further with vertical integration of crop production, stock feed and edible oils, as well as a leather tannery and bakery. The model is completed with Zambeef’s chain of retail and wholesale outlets across the country.”

In addition to the meat processing plant, the visit party toured the company’s feedlot, flour mill, and dairy plant, where divisional managers explained the operations of each unit and how the company worked to maximise efficiencies.