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Zahara represents a group of South African musicians ordained to inculcate hope and mend troubled souls through music. From Loliwe to Mgodi, the award-winning Afro-soul singer has tackled important topics like apartheid, depression, faith and inspiration. Her latest offering Nqaba Yam is an account of how the 33 year old has tackled the challenges of life through prayer and support from her family. The overall theme throughout the album is endurance. This is best illustrated in the track ‘Nyamezela’, which Zahara released in May. The album officially dropped on Friday, August 13 and it’s already secured the number one spot on iTunes.

Taking to Twitter, the multi-awarding winning artist, revealed the exciting news, while also thanking her fans for their continued support.

“We did!!! #NqabaYam is number 1 #1 iTunes. This one is for every single person who has streamed my new album today, Ndiyabulela (thank you) #ZaharaDay,” said Zahara. She says that her latest body of work serves as a feel-good sound that many people have yearned for in the midst of a global pandemic.

In her 12-track album, the multi-platinum selling musician is letting her masterful guitar skills do all the talking while taking listeners on a sonic stroll in a botanical garden. Zahara says she has also spiritually connected with her faith and found solace in God’s mercy. Penning down every song on the album, Zahara reunites with producer and longtime collaborator Mojalefa “Mjakes” Thebe.

So, in case you haven’t listened to the album, here’s a taste of what you can expect.

The titular track “Nqaba Yam” is the perfect album opener and it sets the tone quite well.

This song is a classic Zahara Afro-pop banger from the instrumental to the piercing vulnerability in her velvety vocals.

With a modern country guitar intro, “Sinda Mphefumlo” reminds us that Zahara is still unapologetically a country girl at heart.

In this journal entry, she is fighting both her internal and external demons – her heart and soul are heavy.

“Ndikhona” creates a mystery and keeps the listener guessing if this is a love letter to a friend or lover.

Zahara makes a holy plea to God with emotionally charged “Ndincede”.

She has been in the trenches, a lot of unpleasant things have been said about her and she needs all the strength in the world to pull through it all.

“Bawo” is the first taste of Zahara in full gospel mode as she seems to start connecting with her faith and leaving it all in the Lord Almighty’s capable hands following her prayer request in the previous cut.

Halfway through the album, Zahara changes the gears with “Systems” and she touches on social injustice issues in South Africa.

Fresh off making her political statement, Zahara gives a throwback to Sophiatown with “Ntak’encinane”.

The mid-tempo tune displays a more fun and dancey Zahara for the first time on the album.

The feel-good song will have you snapping your fingers and kicking up your heels in euphoria.

“Senzeni” has a maskandi vibe to it and is the most intense song on the album. It’s a female empowerment chant dedicated to victims and survivors of gender-based violence (GBV).

“Nyamezela” a song for everyone with a relatable and strong message of resilience and courage.

The beat is electric, making it a road-trip banger with your windows rolled down.

Forgiveness is the message Zahara preaches in “Izolo”, another mid-tempo song. Zahara nudges that holding onto grudges is never good for anyone – forget the pain of yesterday and focus on the promises of today.

“Forever Yours” is all the way up-tempo with a throbbing beat that demands that you lose your mind and morals. It says put me on repeat, full blast and to sing along.

Zahara bows out with a message of hope for all the dreamers with “Iphupho Lam”.

Fans and industry friends including Mohale Motaung, Berita and Amanda Black took to Twitter to congratulate Zahara on her latest offering.

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