Youth becoming entrepreneurs versus job seekers

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Some of the youth from different universities who are in attendance of the ongoing annual African Development Bank Meeting, claim to have understood much about the magnitude of unemployment and now are motivated to become entrepreneurs instead of job seekers.

The youth have pledged to become entrepreneurs after following the discussions in the African Development Bank meeting here in Kigali. This has come after catching up with some sessions of discussions and speeches given by different leaders including Paul Kagame.

Some of the youth we managed to talk to, share their insight of comprehension of the problem of unemployment in Africa especially in Rwanda. Some of the youth, before the meeting, had a mindset of looking for jobs after completing their studies as it is customarily done. However, this meeting comes as a wakeup call.

This Thursday, the dialogue was conducted by heads of state Paul Kagame, Yoweli Kaguta Museveni, and president of GABON. Among what was discussed is empowerment of the youth and unity among Africans with the goal of development.

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