Yo Maps Sends His Baby Mama Kidist To School

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Yo Maps has confirmed in a post that his second baby mama Kidist is going back to University after a successful delivery of their first baby together.

He Writes..

Going back to school after spending time away from the classroom can be difficult for anyone. When you have a child to care for, there’s often added layer of considerations.

I know many mothers out there (Like you my love) wander if they’ll have enough time to dedicate themselves to a degree program without it taking a toll on their kid’s well being.

To Kidist My love; you have my full support with everything, your education and up bringing of our beautiful daughter.To my brothers out there let’s follow Brigham Young quote – When you educate a woman you educate a generation.

But Alola mwaiche chayapo kandolo apo first.

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