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Hip hop artist Xaven ‘The Kopala Queen’ is set to release new music very soon. This announcement was made by her Label Nexus Music posted this on their official page;

“Xaven the Kopala Queen new music coming soon. Fans of the rapper were excited about this news as she has not put out a lot of songs due to the fact that she is an upcoming artist. Xaven has slowly and steadily been gaining momentum on the music scene since her arrival last year, her fan base has increased tremendously.

The Kopala Queen came on the Zambian music scene last year as a feature on a Y celeb’s hit song. Her aggressive approach to rap excited many and left them curious as to who the young rapper was. She had one of the best verses on the song and that got the attention of other artists who begun giving the rapper the much needed credit, which gained her popularity and in turn kick started her musical career. She later was signed to Nexus music, joining the likes of Chef 187, Towela Kaira, Abel Chungu and many more. She then released her debut single called ‘Undisputed’, the song was well received by fans and instantly made Xaven a house hold name.

Xaven originated from the Copperbelt and later came to Lusaka where her Career finally took off after she made some strong connections which saw her getting the recognition of The CEO of Nexus Music, Killa Beats who then eventually signed her to the Record Label.

Her real name is Rachel but she chose Xaven because it suited her Rap persona much more than her government name which is what gives her confidence. In an interview Xaven stated that she always wants to do music that people can relate to because this is what her legacy as a musician will be about when she eventually hangs her musical boots.

“You should be so firm at what you do and in terms of rap, I make sure every time I rap it is relatable. I don’t want to be a rapper that says things from without. I want to be relatable. I wanna be somebody that when people listen to they are like, ok, this is what she means,” she advised.

Xaven is currently pursuing a Marketing degree fully sponsored by Nexus Music Entertainment. It is good to see that the label is not only concerned about the music aspect of her life but the academic side as well, this will be a great fall back plan in the event that she chooses to pursue other projects. As we have seen many artist fail to establish themselves after music, especially the one’s that never really invested properly with the success that was attained in their prime.

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