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When it comes to building muscle, some men are more equal than others.

Basically we all fall into one of three body types, each of which requires a different approach to bulking up. It is all too easy to forget this and get sidetracked by exciting looking training styles.

Identify your type, brush up on the principles of lean muscle that apply to you, and get started on the most efficient workout of your life.

the running man

Bodybuilders refer to these guys as ‘hardgainers’. They struggle to pack weight onto their lean bodies simply because they’re not predisposed to store muscle. To defy nature, just load up – at the gym and in the kitchen.

The Rules

Keep it intense Go for lower reps and heavy loads, Try using free weights instead of machines.Aim to get 48 hours rest between sessions for recovery.

Feast not famine You need to eat, and eat a lot. Protein smoothies, nuts and brown rice help raise calorie consumption.

Easy on the CV  People with this body type have high metabolisms so they need to limit their cardiovascular exercise if they want to gain size.

the unit

These heavy-set types have soft, stocky bodies and sluggish metabolisms. Weight gain is not a problem, but shifting fat can be. Go hard and fast in the gym, and on the protein, for the right sort of bulk.

The Rules

Rev your engine People with this body type need to boost slow metabolisms. When lifting, you want 10-12 reps with moderate weights and less recovery time.Add short, hard bursts of cardio to blitz fat.

Superset  This means exercises paired back-to-back with a reduced recovery time of about 45 seconds, Work opposing muscles such as biceps and triceps by pairing bench presses with tricep extensions.

Set a carbs curfew People with this body type do well on high protein, high fibre and good fats, So limit carbs to immediately after your workout.

the natural athlete

Some are born lucky: thses add muscle mass with relative ease. Stick to high-intensity workouts and you’ll be buying the first round before the rest of us have hit the showers. Frankly, it’s the least you could do.

The Rules

Hit the compounds  Work on multiple muscle groups with deadlifts, chin-ups, bench presses and squats, These moves exploit your natural strength.

Turn up the volume  You can handle the highest volumes of cardio and resistance training, Aim for three cardio sessions and four weights sessions a week and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Plan your protein  A palm’s worth (e.g. a chicken breast) per meal and half a palm (a large yoghurt) for snacks, Carbs aren’t an issue.

(courtesy of MensHealthUK)

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