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The 20,000 capacity 02 Arena in London was sold out just 12 minutes after it opened, wizkid made this announcement on the 02 Arena site. “Sold out the 02 Arena in 12 minutes. London I love you,” this was his caption on the flyer of the show scheduled for 28, 2021.

His manager and partner also made remarks saying. ‘ This feeling is undeniably insane. wizkid has sold out the 02 Arena in 12 minutes. Absolute madness.” Sony music UK social media also had this to say about wizkids claim. ” Legendary behaviour.” Wizkid has become Africa’s biggest music act to have sold out 20,000 capacity 02 Arena in London in 12 minutes. However it is not the artist’s first time selling out the 02 Arena, the worlds busiest music Arena.. This will be his third time and his sixth performance at the music Arena.

wizkkid’s concert flyer

Fans immediately took to twitter begging for more dates, twitting: ”I’m crying. I’m trying to get wizkid tickets. How can 25k people be in the queue when 02 Arena Capacity is 20k. Sir, @wizkidayo we need another date.” Wizkid’s performance comes after he will perform a string of shows in the US throughout September and October, this is why some of his UK fans have felt it is unfair for the singer to only have a one-off performance in the UK.

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