When Oldskool is Newskool

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Finding the time to watch something new on TV can be very thrilling, especially with Netflix releasing new series and films monthly. However, sometimes what happens is that the number of new shows to watch becomes so big, that it can be overwhelming. Instead of trying to go through the list of new shows, a majority of the public end up re-watching an old favourite, enjoying it just as much as they did the first time.

There are many websites, other than Netflix, offering binge-worthy shows, such as Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu and BBC iPlayer. It is only too easy to find something new to watch every now and then. Social media also urges people to try a new show, through comments and excitement amongst the show’s community.

According to Nielsen data, 2020 was the “year of the re-watch”. When it is so accessible for everyone to be watching fresh and new content, then why do most people go back to re-watch older shows?

Most of the series being re-watched are shows like Friends, The Office (both UK and US version), Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn-Nine-Nine, Gilmore Girls, Rick and Morty and How I Met Your Mother. The one common theme they all have is the comedy aspect of the show. It seems that comedy is what people like to go back to mostly.

Comedies can work on multiple levels, such as lowering stress through laughter and releasing positive hormones, including dopamine. Usually, sitcom’s do not have a heavy plot to follow and do not require complete focus to be able to understand what is going on. This leads to the ability to be able to multi-task while watching a sitcom. Examples include painting or drawing, writing, and playing a game.

It is no surprise that people like to go back to “oldskool” shows, it can be comforting and relaxing to re-watch something that you don’t have to stress on. Sometimes, that is all we need, rather than being on the edge of our seats for an upcoming plot twist.

In the end, it makes a lot of sense why most people like to go back to re-watch their favourite TV shows, specifically sitcoms. Particularly when one feels like they need to relax and laugh, not feel sad or angry at something that happened in the brand new show that you decided to try.

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