Wellness Wednesday: Signs Of Toxic Positivity Which Dismiss Negative Emotions

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Toxic positivity is a belief that no matter how bad a situation is you need to maintain a positive mindset and “look on the bright side” or “stay happy”. While there may be many benefits to being optimistic and engaging in positive thinking, there can be downsides to it as well when you consistently dismiss your negative emotions. For this Wellness Wednesday, I will talk through toxic positivity and all the signs that lead to it, so read on for further information for your mental health.

You hide how you feel

Covering up emotions can lead for issues to arise and may even affect your relationships with other people around you, such as a partner, family member, or a friend. Learning to embrace all kinds of emotions, whether they are good or bad, can help you to move forward in life. There are many ways of releasing emotion in healthy ways, so make sure you speak to someone you trust and share your feelings.

You dismiss a negative feeling

“A study from the University of Texas found that when people avoid emotions, they actually get stronger over time, which takes a massive toll on both your body and your mind.” These feelings can then manifest into a form of a bad habit or behaviour. The best way is to find healthy coping mechanisms that allow you to work through those feelings and their causes.

You feel guilt for a negative emotion

It is hard to not feel guilty about being sad, angry, depressed or any other type of negative emotion when you see someone else in a ‘worse’ position than you. However, it is important to note that every situation is different for each person, and every individual has their own key strengths and weaknesses. One person may not have difficulty with something that another person has, but this does not mean that they should compare their struggles or feelings at all.

You force yourself to stay optimistic

You cannot hide behind positive quotes or sayings and believe that you are “good vibes only”, because everyone struggles, and no one can be optimistic for a long period of time without feeling other emotions. It is better to check in on others and yourself on your feelings and thoughts, as well as keep a diary or a journal to spend time on when feeling down.

You just “move on”

People suffering from toxic positivity usually have a hard time taking a moment to stop and notice the way that they are feeling, and instead they simply “move on” and develop “unhealthy habits (that are deep down a coping mechanism) like addictions to work, alcohol or other detrimental behaviours”.

With these in mind, notice these signs and make sure you steer clear of them. Try your hand at journaling, drawing, or speak to someone who you trust! No matter what you may be feeling, it is always valid.