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A bright floral manicure is perfect for the beginning of the season. Not only does it look great, but it’s very easy to do. This floral pattern is done with light lilac and purple, but any other colour combination will work, particularly those on the bright end of the spectrum. Pink and fuchsia, yellow and white, and light blue and navy are just a few that we love. If you‘re feeling adventurous, try using a different colour palette on each nail. And remember—the brighter the better!


Items Needed: 

Light lilac nail polish

Bright purple nail polish

Peach nail polish

Dotting tool or toothpick

Clear topcoat

1. Paint each nail with two coats of opaque light lilac polish.
2. Pour a small dollop of bright purple nail polish onto a paper plate and dip the large end of a dotting tool into the polish. Create two to three flowers on each nail by making five small dots in the shape of a flower.
3. Using the same dotting tool, paint the center of the flowers with peach polish.
4. Let design dry. Clean up around the cuticles where necessary, and seal the design with two layers of clear, glossy topcoat.
There are plenty of designs patterns and colours you can experiment with, take a look at a few other choices we liked including one by quirky actress Zooe Deschanel.
Tendenze-manicure-2013-nail-art-autunno-inverno Nail-Art-Designs-2013-For-Girls-2 Nail-art-design-2012-2013-3

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