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Since the expansion of Netflix’s stand-up category, as well as the increase in popularity, there are a lot of titles for fans of comedy to choose from for a night in with family and friends. Laughter is commonly said to be the best medicine, so finding stand-up comedians rising in the ranks is no surprise, rather it is exciting; in particular, when Netflix decided to host a lot of the comedy shows and lives. Still, with such a variety of options available it can be quite difficult to pick which one you will enjoy the most, which is why I put together the following list so that you can simply look at each description and choose one out of all the top choices available on Netflix.

Dave Chappelle – Sticks & Stones (2019)

Considered by many other comedians to be one of the best stand-up comedians of all time, many would be surprised to hear how Dave Chappelle was booed off the stage early in his career at the Apollo Theatre. Now, his show ‘Sticks & Stones’ did not disappoint audiences and was one of the most popular stand-up specials on Netflix, in which he takes on gun culture, the opioid crisis, and the wave of celebrity scandals in a defiant stand-up special filmed in Atlanta.

Nate Bargatze – The Greatest Average American (2021)

In this live show, Nate Bargatze reflects on being part of the Oregon Trail generation, meeting his wife while working at Applebee’s, and the relatable moments of being a father and husband. ‘The Greatest Average American’ is filmed in an outdoor space, in which Nate Bargatze opens with a short section of material about 2020 and COVID.

Plastic Cup Boyz – Laughing My Mask Off! (2021)

These 30-minute stand-up sets will spotlight three members of Kevin Hart’s famed comedy crew, the Plastic Cup Boyz, consisting of Joey Wells, Na’im Lynn and Spank Horton. The collection of specials, which includes eight episodes, was filmed in front of a live Atlanta audience where at one point the trio offer a light hearted look into the world of car collecting, as they aim to launch their own automotive club.

Trevor Noah – Afraid of the Dark (2017)

During this show, Trevor Noah ponders the perils of naming countries, how traffic lights turn New Yorkers invincible, and why you should not drink in Scotland. Highlights of ‘Afraid of the Dark’ includes his James Bond discussion where he explains why a black man could never work as the international super spy, as well as the segment of Nelson Mandela teaching a young Barack Obama on how to speak better to the people.

Aziz Ansari – Right Now (2019)

In ‘Right Now’, we see Aziz Ansari talk about the sexual misconduct controversy he was involved in the previous year, his relationship with his grandmother and parents, white people who want to appear anti-racist, how the threshold of acceptable behaviour has changed over the past decade, and the sexual misconduct of R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. There was a lot of positive critical reception for this special of ‘Right Now’, due to all the deep and personal insights shared by the comedian while adding in his hilarious side to the topics.

With no time to waste, it is time for you to now choose your preferred stand-up special and plan a night in with your friends and family! Do not forget to check out other live shows online by looking at the ‘more like this’ section underneath each Netflix show.

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