Top Non-English TV Shows To Watch On Streaming Platforms

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Many streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+ have begun to drop international television series to accommodate all types of viewers and gather a large audience for their service. Therefore, it is only natural to hear of many non-English series that are gaining a lot of popularity, which is why I have decided to list the top TV shows for you to check out if you are interested in watching something new.


“Switched revolves around how depressed high-school student Zenko Umine commits suicide, with fellow student Ayumi seeing her fall from the school roof top to her death and then passes out herself.”

Medici The Magnificent 

“The series follows the Medici family, bankers of the Pope, during Renaissance Florence. Each season follows the events of a particular moment of the family history exploring the political and artistic landscape of Renaissance Italy.”

Love 101

“Trying to keep their beloved teacher from leaving town, a group of teenage outcasts band together to help her find love, and find the courage to be themselves.”


“By day, Chiara is a promising student at one of Rome’s most elite private high schools; by night, she leads a scandalous secret life.”

Her Private Life

“Dedicated art gallery curator Sung Deok Mi is a fanatic fan girl of White Ocean’s Cha Shi-an, a dark secret she hides from everyone.”

Touch Your Heart

“A famous actress, gets caught in a scandal with a son of a rich family; with her career declining quickly, she looks for one last hope to get back on the screen and lands a role playing a secretary in a drama written by a famous screenwriter.”

Welcome To Eden

“Zoa and four other young people are invited to an exclusive party on a secret island, sponsored by a new drink. However, the supposed paradise they find waiting for them is not what they expected.”

Black Money Love

“Omar, a police officer loses his fiancé to a suspicious death and he won’t stop until he uncovers the truth.”

How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

“To impress his former girlfriend, a nerdy teen starts selling drugs online out of his bedroom, and soon becomes one of Europe’s biggest dealers.”


“Prime minister Birgitte Nyborg wins a shocking victory and ushers in a wave of political struggles.”

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