Top Etsy Shops for Design Prints

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Etsy is a great place to shop for unique and personalised handcrafted items, particularly from small businesses and entrepreneurs within niche markets; you may have found yourself browsing for gifts or home décor on the website, or you may be working on putting your business out there yourself, but have you ever searched through the great design prints available on Etsy? Whether you have or have not, the following list will no doubt come in handy when you are looking to fill a frame, get yourself a new mug, or print out a card to give to someone!


The Minimalist abstract art pieces are mostly nature-inspired and will look great on your bedroom or living room wall! The owner and artist of the shop, Sarah Martinez, works with watercolour paintings to create plants, animals, and other elements of nature in vivid colours, giving them a slightly abstract style for a contemporary feel.

Carla Llanos Prints

The UK-based Chilean artist, Carla Llanos, creates art that celebrates women in all forms, using earth-toned and abstract designs to depict women, which is very soothing and empowering. These prints can be purchased to put up on your wall, get them as a phone case, or to wear them as a t-shirt.

Lily & Val

This is a great stationary store for those looking to find something new, as there are prints of quotes and images all designed and written entirely on chalkboard by artist Valerie McKeehan. There are many uplifting and motivational quotes that can be nice to present to someone as a card or have on the wall of your room.


Try something new through the Etsy shop ‘FreshPrintsofHell’ and browse through the entire collection of movie newspaper prints and others! This will add a very unique look to your room and will be a nice gift for movie buffs who enjoy the movie newspaper you picked out for them!


Kelly, the artist and owner of the shop, is passionate about tiny wooden houses, forests, and nature, which is why she enjoys creating art prints related to these themes. There are even notebook versions available so grab one while you can!

If you are not sure of where to begin when searching on Etsy, these are some good starting points, so you will be able to explore further when you find a shop you like and you can start viewing similar shops, as well as where other shoppers like you go to. Happy shopping!

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