Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters

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Even the greatest of television series have characters that we may not be so fond of, and the following are no exception. From Riverdale to Jane the Virgin, and Orange Is The New Black to Pretty Little Liars, there is a surprising yet understanding list to follow so read on and find out whether you agree or disagree with these labelled characters.


Mateo became very unbearable over time, even though he was ok in the first season. Afterwards, he became selfish and acted like he was the only good person and everyone else was beneath him.

Jane the Virgin

Magda was very well written, but many fans of the show kept wishing for her to get karma. She was always in the way and constantly made things worse for every single character, including her own daughter Petra.


Veronica has an aura about her that made many fans of Riverdale dislike her, and her relationship with people around her were very confusing and “fake”, such as her relationship with her dad, with Archie, and Betty. Being a rich girl did not improve that at all.

Orange Is The New Black

Piper Chapman was one of the least interesting characters and was too privileged with a lack of self-awareness. It was better watching others in the show rather than her scenes.

Pretty Little Liars

Ezra Fitz and his relationship with Aria, his student, was already bad enough, but the revelation of him turning out to be a creep and knowing who she was, as well as her age, made the entire thing worse.

How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby became tiresome very quickly as he was considered too “whiny” about finding the right person for him. The only good thing that came out of this is that the rest of the characters became more likeable.

Game of Thrones

Ramsay Bolton and Geoffrey Lannister came pretty close, but Ramsay Bolton only ended up winning because of his cruel and utterly unforgivable acts. He was not benefitting from anything he did, he was simply being a “monster”, from torturing Theon Greyjoy to raping Sansa Stark.

13 Reasons Why

Ani was simply a character with no purpose other than making Bryce seem like he was good, saying he was “human too”.

Modern Family

Alex as a character became worse the older she got, as she continuously put her sister down, as well as everyone else around her, and was always found laughing at someone.

Grey’s Anatomy

Owen seemed very irritating to viewers of this series, he was portrayed as the poor person who needed an opportunity, but he cheated with every partner he had. To make matters worse, he even publicly shamed and humiliated Cristina about her abortion.