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Anime is arguably one of the most followed genres of animation around the world; and with an ever growing fanbase with the release of Anime series on to more worldwide mainstream platforms such as Netflix, it was only fitting, to give you my top ten Anime recommendations to help you out in finding some great hidden gems amongst the thousands of Anime film and TV shows available to you.

It can be difficult not knowing where to start sometimes, which is why I created this list just for you. Although, before we get into it, it is important to note the difference between Anime and cartoons. Some people may consider Anime to be Japanese cartoon. However, that is not the case.

The first major difference is the origin of Anime, which is Japan. The trend of Anime rose in early 20th century, but before then and even until now, Manga is incredibly popular and is the reason most Anime has come to life, as well as some live action movies. It is because of Manga that most Anime series have been created as an adaption following the Manga novel, whether it is a standalone or a series novel.

Manga is a Japanese version of a western comic book, because Manga has illustrations, graphics, and dialogues. However, Manga is mostly aimed at adults due to its content of violence, crude humour, sexuality and the way some illustrations or graphics are drawn.

Additionally, the sketching of the characters is another reason why Anime are not cartoons. An Anime character can be seen in proportionate body structure reflecting a real human body; they look more similar to an actual human body than most western cartoons do. A cartoon may have a deformed or an exaggerated touch to them, making them more comical or giving them an essence of an enhanced personality trait through a particular feature. For example, giving a character buckteeth and making them dumb in cartoons.

The most noticeable feature in terms of sketching is the way Anime eyes are created compared to cartoon eyes in the western side. Eyes are one of the main features of the face, and Anime uses this to their advantage to show what kind of personality someone has. For example, soft eyes for a soft character. Here is a short clip of YouTuber Get In The Robot answering why Anime eyes look the way they do:

Lastly, Anime are shown on television just as a normal TV series is shown. Each and every episode of an Anime series is a development into a continuous story. There are even specific genres for the type of audience they are aiming for, such as children, girls, boys, adult content, slice of life, and also stories about homosexuality, which has its own two genres called yaoi and yuri.

The following Anime listed are all available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime and Netflix:

  • Attack on Titan – A world where humanity lives in fear within cities surrounded by gigantic walls that protect them from man-eating Titans. Dark fantasy and apocalyptic. 3 Seasons.
  • My Hero Academia – A boy born without superpowers in a world where they have become ordinary encounters his favourite and the country’s top hero, which leads him to follow in his footsteps to achieve his own dream of becoming a number one hero. Superhero and adventure. 5 Seasons.
  • Haikyuu!! – Despite the small physique, a young boy is determined to become a great volleyball player, starting from his high school team. Comedy and sports. 4 Seasons.
  • Noragami – After a bad accident, a young girl finds herself repeatedly slipping out of her body and becoming aware of the two parallel worlds, one with humans and another with demons. Action and occult. 2 Seasons.
  • Tokyo Ghoul – A college student, who barely survives a deadly encounter, wakes up as a half-ghoul and half-human after a long surgery. Based in a world where ghouls are feared due to their nature of eating humans. Horror and dark fantasy. 4 Seasons.
  • Blue Exorcist – A teenager discovers that he and his twin brother are the sons of Satan born from a human mother. He sets out to train and become an exorcist in a special school after a tragic night, having decided to take down Satan himself. Adventure and fantasy. 2 Seasons.
  • Death Note – Stumbling across a notebook called ‘The Death Note’ grants the teen genius the supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name is written in its pages. This eventually leads to a mass investigation from the police’s end to try and find out who this unique killer is. Mystery and psychological thriller. 1 Season.
  • Another – Upon transferring into a new school, a boy finds himself in the middle of a mysterious calamity revolving around his classmates and people related to his class facing gruesome deaths. Horror and mystery. 1 Season.
  • Erased – A man somehow acquires an ability that sends him back in time a few days before a death, enabling him to prevent it from happening. He uses this new power to save someone in the past, as well as solve a murder in the present time. Mystery and science fiction. 1 Season.
  • Orange: Future – A film about a young girl who receives letters sent from herself ten years into the future. Her future self asks her to prevent her biggest regrets, which has something to do with the new transfer student. Romance and slice of life. 1 hour 3 minutes.

Using this list, you can also search online for ‘more like this’, and you will be able to expand out to more Anime that you are enjoying. Check out anything you find interesting and share this list with your friends and family, or start one of the series with them!

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