Tiye P Comes Back With ‘Lesa Tumfweni’

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New single will come with the Lesa Tumfweni challenge

Rapper Tiye P is on Wednesday set to release his much anticipated record from the Wrap Up flagship dubbed Lesa Tumfweni. The song, just like the other Wrap Up songs touches on current affairs and headline making events that happened in the country.

King of Bars as he has come to be fondly known, Tiye P is well known for his amazing wordplay that is fused with epic punchlines and metaphors.

He wrote on his Facebook: “Red Nation Music is set and excited to declare the release of the new “Lesa Tumfweni” (Wrap Up) from Tiye P. Lesa Tumfweni will be available for free downloads on Wednesday 25th August 2021.”

Regarding the Lesa Tumfweni Challenge, Tiye P said anyone wishing to jump on it will have to buy the song’s instrumental before going on to record their own story.

He said: “Now here is the catch. Red nation will give you this record for free but you will have to buy the instrumental for you to be able to tell your own story/stories in the “Lesa Tumfweni Challenge”. Looking at the fact that on this record, Tiye P did not fit all the stories in, you can agree with us that a lot did happen and 3 minutes is just not enough to cover everything. Do we have a Deal??”

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