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Dance hall artist T Sean is no stranger to hit songs as almost every song he releases stands to be a big hit, he is set to release an album September the third and fans have expressed excitement in anticipation of the release of the new album. He is one of the most consistent artist’s in Zambia, as we see him release not less than 3 songs every year which do well in sales. He posted on social media and he wrote;

“Thank you for the positive feedback on my new music….I feel encouraged I appreciate you taking your time to listen but the big question is, will you buy the album? I have done my part. Purpose 03.09.2021.”

Fans immediately begun commenting and have assured him that they will buy the album and support the artist. There was hardly any negative feedback. In attempts to interact with his fans more he even went on to ask them how much the album should be and they advised him.

Yesterday he released a track from the album called ‘Nikumasule’ and it it already receiving good reviews. It is a heartbreak song with a very danceable beat as per usual T Sean tradition. In the lyrics of the song he is addressing a woman his been in relationship with and simply asking her if at al she is tired of the relationship, she should open up and tell him in order for him to release her. Fans are already going crazy about the song and have stated that, if the other songs are as good as Nikumasule then the album is guaranteed to be a big hit.

Many want to support the artist on his various projects this year not only because his a talented singer and producer but because earlier this month his whole house caught fire and lost everything that was in there, many people came to his aid financially and supporting his music is jus another way to help him get back on his feet. It is good to see that the major setback did not hold him back but continued going strong and still managed to work on his upcoming album.

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