T Bwoy to go mid tempo this year

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CELEBRATED reggae dancehall musician and Dweet Music founder Tanonga Nswana otherwise known as T Bwoy who opened the year with the release of a new single titled Munisunge says he will this year be releasing mid tempo songs with uplifting messages.

Speaking to TGZ Magazine, T Bwoy said there are so many deaths and suffering hence the decision to dedicate the year to dropping only uplifting and inspirational music.

“I have been trying to release an album for the past two years. Last year, I had recorded some songs and wanted to release an album but the time was not right. There was the coronavirus and the likes so I couldn’t release an album. Even this year, I planned to record, let’s say four songs in the first week of January which I was going to add to this one [Munisunge], it wasn’t supposed to come out alone, it was supposed to come out in an album, but I couldn’t pull it off because of the coronavirus which I tested positive to, so it was difficult,” he said.

T Bwoy has four albums to his name, Amama, Mwati Uziba, Dweet and One Day being his most recent one.

“So, right now, I am not too sure, I will just let the spirit lead me. I will just let it flow, I don’t want to say that I am making an album, it’s like every time I am making an album there is something that happens, but if I have a lot of songs and they are nice like this time last year, I had songs which had an afro theme to them, the other year, the songs were too dancehall such as Njota and Sorry where high tempo,” he said.

He added: “Last year, I wanted mid tempo songs, this year I am pretty much mid tempo but I might have a few songs that are high tempo too but most of the songs this year are going to be about uplifting peoples spirits. I will have very few songs that will have no good messages, it’s just about uplifting people and encouraging them. You see how many people are dying everyday, you see how many people are suffering and need inspiration everyday and they just need somebody to tell them that keep pushing, God has got your back.”

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