T-Bwoy calls on Government to enact better policies to favor the entertainment industry

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MULTI award wining reggae dancehall musician T-Bwoy has called on the new Government to consider putting up better policy implementation and creation for the entertainment industry.

The Mwati Uziba hitmaker said the entertainment industry has the potential to not only create jobs but add up to Zambia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In a post on his Facebook, T-Bwoy said: “MY CRY ALWAYS. I have never been on a plane in Zambia that has Zambian movies and music on the entertainment section and I have always wondered why? Even the newly introduced Royal Zambia, it doesn’t have anything, not even tourism stuff about Zambia. That is one other area we can create that would make people know about the Zambian entertainment industry. Imagine the Ministry of Tourism and Art reaching out to various airlines.”

In agreeing with him, Henty Rayden H Shimz said: “The movie industry boosted the economy of Nigeria. Its GDP became more stable when the movies started to sell in Africa and globally. I strongly believe music can also contribute a lot to the GDP of our country looking at how our songs trend in Southern region.”

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