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Lusaka July is a Zambian social event that blends fashion and Polo. The prestigious event was held on Saturday the 4th of September under the theme “Heaven on Earth”, normally the event would take place in July but this year that was not possible due to the national lockdown that took place. In attendance were a number of Local and international celebrities, as well as regular guests from across the country. The event which was hosted by the sister duo Chishimba and Monde Nyambe of PR Girl Media was filled with so much class and glam.

Some of the international guests in attendance were Zozibini Tunzi, Luis Munana, Lioness and Quiteria, they all looked stunning in their unique outfits.

On the Local front, some of the celebrities that were spotted were, Slapdee, Mampi, Dj Roxy, Macky 2, Bobby east, Ben Lombe, CQ, Mutale Mwanza, Iku and many others.

The most notable at the event was the fashion under the theme ‘Heaven On Earth’, some came dressed to the nines and stunned but unfortunately some looked like they did not fully understand the assignment at hand.

Overall the event was a huge success, they were various performances from both Local and international acts, as well as a fashion show which showcased some of Africa’s finest designer’s.

Here are some of our favorite looks from the event;

However, not everyone at the event came to impress, some completely failed to understand the theme and sadly ended up on our worst dressed list;

Chishimba and Monde started the Lusaka July event back in 2016, which took the country by storm and eventually became a yearly tradition. Each year, celebrities and ordinary people look forward to attending this event in order to showcase their luxurious outfits, carefully aligning with the theme set in place. The PR girls made it to the list of Top 10 most influential Zambians of 2019. They are responsible for several other events that usually are held in summer, such as the Penthouse party, October Fest and The Champagne Picnic.

Looking at the event from a fashion perspective, most of the people in attendance did not seem to grasp the theme fully and a lot of spectators felt that the fashion this year did not impress at all. It seems the theme might have been hard to translate which lead to many missing the mark.

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