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Slapdee was nominated for the AFRIMMA awards in the category of best male Southern Africa, like any other nominee he had asked his fans to cast their vote in favour of him but instead the rapper chose to withdraw from the race in the early hours of today due to the extreme backlash he received since his nomination.

Fans of the rapper have been displeased with him ever since he chose to affiliate himself to a political song for his own benefit at a time they needed him to be a ‘voice of the people’ so this left them feeling betrayed and in turn chose to not cast their vote for him. Face book went into a frenzy yesterday with people posting screenshots of them voting for Casper Nyovest who is also nominated in the awards, some placed their vote on artists they did not even know just so they could drive the point across, Slapdee apologized for the incident in a social media post and eventually withdrew from the race.

However not all fans were against him, some stood firm and still casted their vote for him and said that it did not make sense for Zambians not to vote for the only Zambian in the awards and it is only fair that they vote for him and urged others to forgive and forget, as this type of reasoning will draw Zambia backwards.

“Greetings all, the last two days have been heavy with debates over my AFRIMMA nomination. This has somehow dragged to the people I love and care for because what started as an honest debate has turned into total turmoil. Contrary to circulating rumor, I have never said fans don’t put food on my table. I know better than that. I was built by a loyal fan base. I get it, I took my influence for granted and made a selfish decision. I let down the very people I should have fought for and stood by. For that I am honestly sorry. I write this not to win sympathy over the on going nomination but purely for a smooth and peaceful life with those I may have hurt. Indeed mistakes were made and lessons have been learnt. As a sign of remorse, I have asked management to withdraw my AFRIMMA nomination with immediate effect because what’s winning a trophy when you can’t win the hearts of your own people? again I say, I’m sorry for all the damage I may have caused to any of you. Peace, love and light.”

It has not yet been confirmed whether the rappers request to withdraw has been granted but it most likely will, this move has lead most of the grieved fans to see how sincere the rapper is and have finally forgiven him especially considering the fact that lessons have been learnt. Musicians have always been of great influence and it is important for them to be able to use their gifts wisely.

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