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Kalandanya Music Production signed artist Shenky has teased fans with a post suggesting that he will soon drop new music as well as Music Video’s. Shenky has not released any music lately for what ever reason but his fans were more than delighted when he shared his 2021 plans.

Shenky is no stranger to hit songs, he has been rocking the Zambian music scene since his arrival, his high energy and easy to dance to music has definitely set Shenky amongst the greats of Zambian Music. His music attracts a lot of politicians and he has seen himself compose quite a number of political songs. It is not surprising because the singer’s music is quite the crowed puller, there is no bar you will enter and not hear a Shenky song.

He has not let his fans in on who he will collaborate with or what direction he will take on his new musical journey but they are excited non the less.

Shenky started his musical journey at the age of 14, Singing in a school choir. It was not until 2007 that He started recording, then, later he perfected his production skills. By 2009 he went to Kitwe”Kopala” where he recorded his second song ‘Nalikutemwa” which gained him some recognition.

In 2013 Shenky formed his own label ‘Tinnah Touch Production’ under Fame Records where he produced and worked with almost all the Zambian top artists such as Jk, Afunika, Macky 2, Chef 187, P Jay, Pilato, Petersen, king King Dandy Krazy, Oc and so on.

Due to his passion for music, he joined Jeraboh Records in Kitwe owned by Dandy Krazy. He opened his studio in Chilenje called Shugah Sounds Entertainment. Shugah (sugar) comes from his name Shenky Shugah in reference to his sweet sounds which leaves many desiring to work with him.

His greatest works (Songs) include Kontamako, Fine Gelo, My Local, Ukalenjibukisha, Apotepo, Tebanobe, Dj you’re responsible, Katemba Chupo, Ichiselema, you’re beautiful, My Love, which have altogether earned him opportunities to perform outside Zambia.

Details as to when he will release his music and videos have not yet been confirmed but we certainly will be on the look out.

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