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Considering the amount of travel time that was lost to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that everyday can start to feel repetitive with so much happening online now, rather than in person.

The travel restrictions don’t help at all but looking closer to home can still make a great trip, especially now that everyone is easing back into life before the first lockdown.

To get out of these stagnant everyday routines, maybe now is the time to start planning a road trip for the summer. The weather is definitely convincing. No one wants to boil at home. Better to boil while having fun someplace new.

So, get out a map, close your eyes and start pointing fingers at possible destinations. I took the liberty of finding some great UK cities that are worth travelling to!

  • Norwich

Find yourself in Norwich Cathedral with 900 years of history or in The Cathedral of St John the Baptist with a Victorian Gothic Revival architecture. Visit the Norwich Market for a variety of stalls, such as food, drinks and activities, or walk through the Norwich Lanes for independent shops, galleries and cafés. No need to choose one or the other, do a bit of everything or tailor it to individual taste. For more sightseeing, there’s a Plantation Garden available, and a trip to the Medieval Castle and Museum will end the day perfectly.

  • Lake District

This is a well-known place to find amazing hiking trails like Scafell Pike from Wasdale Head, Helvellyn, Catbells via Allerdale Ramble, Ryadal and Fairfield Circular, and Derwent Water Circular. Artists can whip out their skills in these areas by painting the same sights which inspired artists throughout history, such as Beatrix Potter and Lamorna Birch. Otherwise, there are also historical exploration available for houses, gardens, the stone circles, Roman remains, museums and galleries.

  • Bath

Visit the Pulteney Bridge and check out all the shops, cafés and restaurants inside – a great place to start the day! Then head over to see the Roman Baths, one of Britain’s most visited places. Don’t forget to stop by at The Beau Street Hoard and look at the Roman coins, which were only just found in 2007. Take a walk in the Royal Crescent to end the day, or go ahead and choose one of the many museums to visit, like the Fashion Museum, The Museum of Bath at Work and the American Museum.

  • St Ives

If an active day of fun is most appealing, then visiting St Ives for surfing, cliff top walking, cycling, and boat trips is the way to go. There’s a lot of tour guides and schools available for any help on activities like learning to surf or learning about sea life through one of the boat trips. Although known for countless lively activities, there are a lot of relaxing options available too. These include walks along the coastline, going to the wildlife sanctuary, sightseeing via bus and visiting the Tate Gallery.

  • Brighton

Popular for its beach, this is a perfect place to relax under the sun for this summer. Some cool street art and going to the Brighton Pier can start the day off right, before heading off to the British Airways i360 for a bird’s eye view of Brighton. There’s a countless number of lanes to take pictures and shop from, and a walk along the promenade will allow a whole number of sights to admire. Don’t leave without visiting the Royal Pavilion, a famous and must priority in Brighton, as it was built by King George IV and is sometimes called the ‘Taj Mahal of Brighton’.

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