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Johannesburg,  Friday 3rd June 2022- Today rising star high school teen, Fezeka Dlamini comes onto the scene with her debut single ‘Ukhalelani’, available on all digital platforms now. LISTEN HERE. 

The young talent cuts her teeth with the single ‘Ukhalelani’ an uplifting song about tough love and encouragement accompanied by a great melody. Fezeka gets an assist from Mfana Kah Gogo on this song. Speaking about her debut single; she shared; “There was a time where I went through a lot and I thought I had reached my breaking point. Then I started expressing myself through music and I felt better. The song has me asking the listener ‘Ukhalelani’?. I am comforting the people crying, It’s tough love but in the same breath I am encouraging them.”  

Having lost her parents while young makes Fezeka the perfect messenger to bring the message of encouragement to all those who are in tough times.

The vocalist comes from the team that brought you Mfana Kah Gogo, she has arrived to solidify her maiden flight in the game. On working with Mfana Kah Gogo she said; “I related to Mfana’s material because we are both young and we do the same music. it was a great new experience, because I’ve never thought I would ever be in the as room with a celebrity or an artist that inspires me.

Talking about her musical influences and inspirations she said, “Beyonce is very creative, and I feel her level of creativity pushes me to get better and never be content with what I other inspiration is Ami, I feel like I can relate to her song writing. All her songs have deep meaning and as I write my songs, I would like to do the same as well.”

The vocalist is set to throw her hat in the Amapiano space. Speaking on what she wants audiences to take from her single she shared; “I think some fans will probably relate to how it feels to the passing of parents. I just want to share that I have learned not to use that loss not to pursue my dreams. This is the message I want to share with people out there. Life always throws something at you but it is how you fight that matters the most,” said the singer.”

Whats Next for Fezeka Dlamini? ”My EP will follow after my single. After ‘Ukhalelani’ is dropped, the music video will drop and I’m willing to make more music that will inspire and relate to people and most kids my age who are also going through the same things I went through. So basically I’m going to be healing people through my music.”

Listen to ‘Ukhalelani’ Here

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