REZA MEANS BUSINESS: Budding musician brings tourist capital on song

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IAN Mizinga may be very new to the music industry but what is clear is that he definitely means business.

With only three songs to his name, the budding musician whose stage name is Reza has already set some airwaves abuzz with his unique style that many people who may have lived, stayed, or indeed visited Livingstone may relate to.

Also commonly known for the phrase ‘Muntu Wakamina’ which can be loosely translated as my person in a corrupted Livingstone lingua that can only be understood by those familiar with the tourist capital, Reza has received endorsements from the heavy weights, the likes of Slapdee, Petersen and even Bobby East.

His first single Life Yakamina which was released in December last year received very good reviews and the artiste, new as he is in the game, he came back with another one – in a similar tone and language that could as well work as a dictionary for those planning to visit the tourist capital for the first time.

It was titled Mukaziswaba. Simply put, the title of the song that was released not so long ago is translated as you should be ashamed.

His latest single is titled Ka Dada and it features Kalandanya Music Promotions (KMP) signed artiste Bow Chase.

“Livingstone is very diverse and the people here do things in a very different and unique way from the rest of the country. For anyone that has lived here, they know that Livingstone is unique in the way people speak, unique to what they eat, and it is that same uniqueness that most people don’t know about,” he says.

He adds: “That is how I decided to take it upon myself to put Livingstone’s uniqueness on the global map through my music. My first single did very well and I even performed it on the same stage as Bobby East, Yo Maps, Slapdee and Nez Long. Life Yakamina simply means my life in our own special Livingstone lingua.”

Reza is signed to Mafasho Entertainments which is making sure that he records more songs with messages that an ordinary Zambian will most likely resonate to.

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