Recommended Period TV Shows To Watch On Streaming Platforms

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If you finished the popular Netflix series Bridgerton and are feeling the “void”, then I have the perfect remedy for you! Many people have grown fond of period dramas, the old England societies within them, and the upper- or lower-class families that move the story; therefore, I have found some of the best recommendations for you to check out following any “emptiness” you may be feeling after finishing a drama already. Scroll for plots, trailers, and where to watch the TV series from.

Downton Abbey

Amazon Prime Video

“The Crawley family goes on a grand journey to the South of France to uncover the mystery of the dowager countess’s newly inherited villa.”


Amazon Prime Video

“When the Trenchards accept an invitation to the now-legendary ball on the fateful eve of the Battle of Waterloo, it sets in motion events that will have consequences for decades as secrets unravel behind the doors of London’s grandest neighbourhood.”

The Gilded Age


“Marian Brook, a rural girl, moves to New York after her father’s death. However, things get complicated when she must assimilate into the clan of a railroad tycoon.”

The Crown


“The series begins with an inside look at the early reign of the queen, who ascended the throne at age 25 after the death of her father, King George VI. As the decades pass, personal intrigues, romances, and political rivalries are revealed that played a big role in events that shaped the later years of the 20th century.”


Apple TV+

“Budding writer Emily Dickinson uses her outsider’s perspective to explore the constraints of society, gender and family in the 19th century.”