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Rapper Stevo announced on social media yesterday that he has finally engaged his girlfriend. The former XYZ artist took to face book with a montage of photo’s showing the moment at which he went down on his knee and asked the beautiful young lady to be his wife. Stevo captioned the post;

“She just said yes” he further posted “vonkala neka baby nalema” meaning ‘baby I’m tired of staying by myself.’

The rapper’s face book post showed two images, one where he holds his new fiancee’s hands tightly from the back, with clear view of the gorgeous ring and the other is him down on his knee as his bride looks straight at him in disbelief of what is taking place but with so much joy in her eye’s.

The rapper has been with his girlfriend for quite sometime now, he has been showing her off on his social’s for a while and it is amazing to see the young rapper finally put a ring on it. It is very uncommon for young rapper’s in Zambia to fully commit to their girlfriends as they are still enjoying the fame and attention that comes from the ladies, so a long term commitment such as marriage might get in the way of that but Stevo has set a great example for upcoming rapper’s, that it is possible to be in love and still maintain your ‘street Cred’.

Plans of when the couple will officially tie the knot are not yet known to the public but his fans came out in number’s on social media to congratulate the rapper and wished him well on his new amazing journey. They commended him for taking such a big step that many shy away from and advised that such a commitment as a young rapper helps you stay grounded. We hope that will be the case for the Rapper.

Stevo is the younger brother to Dj Mzenga man, the 2 have collaborated on many projects and share a close family bond. Dj Mzenga got married a couple of years ago, this must have been a big motivator for his younger brother and probably influenced his decision to a certain extent.

Stevo was once signed to hip hop record label XYZ. The rapper worked with the label for a while until he decided to go his own way. It was reported that the rapper left due to a dispute between the owner of the label Slapdee and himself. Slapdee had asked the rapper to be the opening act for him and Bobby east at a show, which is a common scenario but Stevo rejected this request and told the rapper that he was not an upcoming artist and there for will not be the opening act. This infuriated the XYZ Boss and from that moment on Stevo was never seen performing with the crew ever again. The rapper’s still remain good friends regardless of what happened in the past.

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