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Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes that will fill you up

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There are some mornings when I wake up and think to myself that cereal will do just fine; but later in the day, I begin to regret this decision and hope that the next morning I will eat something more sustaining, which does not happen. Sadly, each morning I am always out of ideas for breakfast recipes that can be quick and easy while also filling, as I do not want to spend too much time trying to cook something for about 30 minutes to then have to wolf it down in five minutes, and risk indigestion due to lack of time before getting to work. To change this morning routine, I decided to conduct some research and I found the best five breakfast recipes that are filling and can get me started for the day; recipes that are quick and easy to make with everyday ingredients. If you like myself are faced with a similar dilemma, then read on and find your favourite recipe to try out the next morning, hopefully we will all have amazing breakfasts to look forward to help get us started for the day.

Banana Crepe

A very simple and tasty breakfast with a banana crepe can never go wrong. YouTuber ‘Hands Touch’ shows us in just three minutes how to create this breakfast with easy-to-follow instructions and a clear guided YouTube video that we can all follow along. You can top the crepe with anything you would like; whether you prefer simple sugar and lemon, golden syrup, or if you prefer strawberries and chocolate, the choice is yours to make!

Cornflour Pancake

This very healthy and quick recipe is great for lunch and snacks too, so as a breakfast, it is no doubt very filling. If this is what you are looking for then check out YouTuber ‘wow emi ruchulu’ for the clear instructions on how to make this ten minute breakfast. This recipe demonstrates how to make a batch for cornflour pancakes, so make as many as you would like for breakfast once the pancake batch is ready.

Avocado Toast

You can go basic, or you can go bougie, but either way YouTuber ‘Honeysuckle’ explains how to make the perfect avocado toast in two different ways. The six minute YouTube video is an in-depth description of how to make this recipe, however, watching it once will be more than enough for everyone, as ‘Honeysuckle’ teaches us how to make the toast once and for all, so we do not have to come back and watch the whole video again, or find another way of creating this delicious avocado toast.

French Toast

Speaking of toasts, here is another toast recipe this time by Youtuber ‘Crouton Crackerjacks’ that is just as delicious and easy to create. French toasts are easier to make than people think, and with these video guided instructions, we can all create a flawless French toast breakfast! Make as many as you would like and top it up with golden syrup, then you will be good to go for the rest of the morning.

One Pan Egg Toast

You can tell I like my toasts, but they are just so good, and I know you will love it just the same! This last recipe by YouTuber ‘Meliniskitchen’ is a creative and time saving breakfast for everyone, because not only will you sit down with tasty food by the end, but you can also add your own creativity to this recipe, by changing the jam or adding other seasonings of your choice, and the best part about this recipe is the cheese at every bite.

Now that you have a good range of breakfast options, check out all the videos and see which one suits your taste the most. My morning routine will definitely improve now that I have found some great recipes, so if you were looking to switch up from a cereal to a better breakfast, then I hope you found something. On the other hand, if you were simply trying to find new ideas for breakfast, then hopefully this helped spark something for your next breakfast!

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