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If you are a fan of the mystery genre, then look no further and explore ‘Purple Hyacinth’, which is written by Ephemerys and the art is created by Sophism. Having completed season two of the Webtoon in April of 2021, there are multiple reasons why ‘Purple Hyacinth’ is so appealing even to those who may not have ventured into reading mystery stories or Webtoons at all; one of those reasons is the diverse range of characters with each of their own background stories and personalities, while another reason is the amazing art captivating readers’ minds.

‘Purple Hyacinth’ is available to read on the website WEBTOON if you are interested, though if you prefer to read this on an app on your phone, then go to your app/play store and search for WEBTOON to download. With a rating of 9.91 and 1.3 million subscribers, there is no doubt that you will find the same enjoyment most others have found in each episode released, which all have around 50,000 likes.

The plot of ‘Purple Hyacinth’ is as follows:

“Her ability to detect lies has made her an outstanding officer of the law – despite being haunted by her inability to save the ones she loved from a gruesome fate many years ago. Now, she uses her powerful gift to defend the defenceless at any cost – even if it means teaming up with a deadly assassin to fight evil in a world gone mad.”

The story in ‘Purple Hyacinth’ stems from a tragedy involving a bombing of the Allendale train station; the mastermind behind this was a group of anarchists, a violent group called the Phantom Scythe. Causalities included 243 deaths, 328 wounded, and 176 people reported missing, and that is the beginning of the tragedy for the main protagonist of ‘Purple Hyacinth’ – Lauren Sinclair.

Throughout the Webtoon story, we see many different characters, all of which has in depth personalities with different kinds of traits and relationships with others around them; I especially enjoyed this as a reader due to the fact that each character in ‘Purple Hyacinth’ was well thought of, and no one was an ‘extra’. Moreover, the art pulled me into the story a lot more than it would have normally, as every detail was perfect and humorous; little scenes with mugs crashing, interacting characters in the background, shop names and titles, funny moments during every scene – these all played a huge part in keeping me interested as an avid reader!

If you are interested in reading the Webtoon yourself, then check out the trailers for ‘Purple Hyacinth’ below:

Once you begin reading, there will be no stopping you, particularly when similar Webtoons are discovered within the app or the website, so make sure you show your appreciation to the writer and the artist each time you read something new and leave comments and likes! If helps creators a lot in terms of keeping up with the story and knowing whether the direction they are taking is satisfactory for the readers or not.

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