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Airline sponsors project to help kids reach greater heights
Proflight Zambia: caring about the community

Proflight Zambia: caring about the community

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Proflight Zambia has swooped to sponsor the Chance 4 All project with domestic return flights to Mfuwe to help out-of-school children soar.
Chance 4 All is a non-profit organisation that aids in the educational needs and sponsorship of out-of-school children in communities all over Zambia. It is a big concern for the country that all children of school age are not getting the best education they can. Proflight, with its commitment to supporting rural and urban communities, has heightened its desire to support children’s education in Zambia. The airline is fully behind the Chance 4 All project which aims to reduce the number of children who do not attend school.

Proflight Zambia’s director of government and industrial affairs Captain Philip Lemba said: “We believe in making Zambia better in our communities as well as in the skies. By offering the two return flights to Chance 4 All, we know we are working towards the same goals of insuring we get more children back into school.”
Many less privileged children drop out of school due to financial challenges, the great distances they must travel to get an education, or the lack of support from their families.

Proflight Zambia: caring about the community

Proflight Zambia: caring about the community

Capt Lemba reinforced how vital good schooling was: “The future aviators are the children of today and if we want to grow bigger in aviation, it can only be possible through educating the children of today. “We want to motivate our young people to continue with their education and go further by attending universities or colleges. Backing the children of today and making sure that we support them is the only way we can have a vibrant work force in all industries in the future.”

The Chance 4 All organisation is promoting events to help reduce the number of out-of-school children by getting them back into the classroom. The aim is to be the facilitators between out-of-school children with educational needs and sponsors, including local corporates, willing to help reduce the number of children not going to school.

Chance 4 All is holding a fundraising event to help raise sponsorship for the project on February 9 in Mfuwe.
Proflight is a leading corporate sponsor of a range of initiatives to support communities, including: APTERS, Project Luangwa, Chikumbuso, Mnkhanya, Insaka, Game Rangers International, the Elephant Charge, Fly Spec, Conservation Lower Zambezi and Barefeet Theatre.