Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Released Last Week but is Experiencing Glitches

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It is common for games to be released with some bugs, every game needs improvement over time, hence why some games actually go through updates every now and then; however, having been released just last week, the game Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is causing a lot of players to get stuck and experience multiple glitches, forcing them to quit game. Many of these glitches have been discovered and shared online by players, and although Nintendo has not given an official statement regarding this just yet, players are sharing their solutions all over social media platforms.

A player who goes by the online name of ‘Cofey’ commented saying, “The remakes looked terrible from the first moment they were announced, with a weird, completely random cutesy art style that still kept the top-down view of the DS original and yet also had the 3D battles from Sword/Shield. It looked like a half-finished fan game and that’s basically what it is.”

Check out the trailer for the game below if you have not already seen it yet:

Additionally, check out this in-depth review on the game Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl by verified YouTuber ‘GameSpot’:

Lastly, watch the video below on 15 things you need to know before buying the game by verified YouTuber ‘GamingBolt’:

While many glitches have been patched out after the game launch, there are more continuous occurrences that players find themselves in, one of them has turned out to be beneficial, or is compared to as a ‘cheat’: players are able to access the mythical Pokémon Shaymin without needing the Oak’s Letter item, making it much easier to achieve the rare Pokémon. 

Another glitch was found by Reddit user ‘MiseDawg’, who said that during their playthrough, they were forced to quit after getting stuck; they had been pushed by a Stunky into an area behind an NPC couple, trapping them and rendering them unable to escape, which then led to the user attempting several strategies to escape. Unfortunately, they also could not obtain a Pokémon with teleport to escape, and in the end, they were forced to reset their save and start over.

Despite only being released and hyped about a week ago, the latest Pokémon game has been a disappointed for most fans. There has already been one official patch, though there is no doubt that there will be more on the way in the near future, so if you own this game then keep a look out for that and further updates from Nintendo on their official Twitter, as well as following hashtags for the game HERE and HERE for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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