Pilani Bubu releases highly anticipated EP, Lockdown Lovestory

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Johannesburg, Friday, 25 March 2022 – Award-winning Indelible Storyteller, Pilani Bubu is never without a lived experience etched into her heart and mind in a highly expressive musical journey. She tells authentic stories of inspiration, identity, and influence. And this project is no exception. Pilani Bubu’s highly anticipated EP, Lockdown Lovestory, is out now.

Lockdown Lovestory, was written, and recorded in the height of the pandemic, in real time as this story unfolded for Pilani during her time in quarantine, in the unprecedented hard lockdown of March – August 2020, in South Africa. The levels from 5 – 1, were real markers in the chapters of her life and this love story. It is inspired by the journey she takes in a long distance and virtual relationship, exploring the nuances of the loneliness and yearning presented by this circumstance.

Pilani explores the feelings of fantasy and nostalgia packaged in Nu-RnB, she makes references to 90’s teen nostalgia in the music production as well as the visual storytelling. Marked by beautiful melodies, cohesively held by her love for vocal harmony and rhythmic guitars. She also goes layers deep with the use of vintage mics, FX, synths, and rhodes in electronic production adding to the fresh edge and urban feel of this modern-day story.

She collaborated with Afronautiq: Sean Peevers on the springboard track ‘As We Lay’ that began the production journey of the project. Then worked with beat makers and producers, Samuel ’Sichangi’ Namasaka (Kenya), Ludwe Danxa (South Africa), Andras Weil (Budapest) and guitarist Bradley Prince (South Africa), who all came together serendipitously and inspired to help tell this story.

Stream or download Pilani Bubu’s Lockdown Lovestory EP now:

The 6-track EP has a colour code in the old nostalgic test-tone section that gives you the cue of the mood the song is set to bring:

Prelude: Yellow Fantasy

As We Lay: Yellow Happiness

Desire: Pink & Red Romantic & Sensual

Pendulum Swing: Green Aggression

Missed The Mark (Stay): Blue & Bluesy

Ghosted: Black & White (dark and eerie)

*See attached document with track overview and colour outlay

Pilani’s Lockdown Lovestory release comes off the back of successful tours in Ghana and Kenya, and an all-round city tour in South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Margate, with upcoming performances in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and East London.

26 March: Johannesburg

8 April: Pretoria

15 April: Port Elizabeth

17 April: East London

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