One Piece Celebrates its 1000th Episode

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On Saturday the 20th of November 2021 at 6pm JST, the Anime ‘One Piece’ aired its 1000th episode and, to commemorate the momentous occasion, Toei Animation released a new 1000 LOGS anniversary artwork featuring Monkey D. Luffy, the Anime’s main protagonist. Fans from all over the world were invited to join in the celebration and post their messages on social media platforms using the artwork and hashtag #OnePiece1000LOGS.

To take part in the celebration, Crunchyroll, a famous online streaming platform featuring thousands of Animes, collaborated with Toei Animation and created a special video that goes through one second of every single ‘One Piece’ episode. It has already reached over a million views on YouTube and will soon pass the two million mark with the rate it is going at. Watch the video down below if you are a ‘One Piece’ fan!

Eiichiro Oda is the creator of the legendarily long pirate Manga ‘One Piece’, which first started back in 1999; the original opening was re-created for the 1000th episode as part of the anniversary and celebrations, which you can watch below for compare!

If you are a newcomer, do not hesitate to watch from the beginning, as each episode is 20 minutes, and although it sounds like a lot to get through all 1000 episodes, the story of the Straw Hat pirate crew is worth journeying with!

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