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Johannesburg – Singer, songwriter, and activist, Moonga K.,  delivers another powerful track with the release of REBEL TIME, the second single from his upcoming CANDID EP, featuring Sampa The Great.

The single artwork pays tribute to the Black Panther Party, with the leather-clad duo sitting at a table representing the Ten-Point Program established by the Panthers in 1966. The lyrically-charged track explores themes of black power, struggle, excellence and fighting for one’s place in this world.

“This song was born from conversations Sampa and I had about how we’ve grown up and how we explore the world as immigrants. That search for identity. When you’ve lived in different countries, you explore so many parts of yourself and your way of thinking, your way of presenting yourself to whoever you meet — and that can make it quite difficult when folks try to claim you. You don’t become monolithic and it can be a good and bad thing when trying to find a sense of belonging, because it seems as if we’re always running. I believe that’s what rebels do, we stand and fight wherever we are, and I think it’s important to speak this out,” shares Moonga K.

Sampa The Great returned to Africa from Australia during the start of the Covid-19 crisis, which is when she collaborated on the track with Moonga K. “A true ode to rebelling against the status quo and setting your own standard of who you are, regardless of how people see you. REBEL TIME is that beckoning call to all of us to define who we are for ourselves,” says Sampa The Great.

REBEL TIME is now available in spatial audio with Dolby Atmos, exclusive to Apple Music. Get a multidimensional experience that goes beyond just listening to music and makes you feel like you’re inside of it.

Listen to REBEL TIME, available across all major streaming platforms. Moonga K’s CANDID EP is due for release on 22 October 2021, you can pre-save the EP on Apple Music here:

Moonga K is one of a select group of artists from around the world who were selected to curate the Apple Music Soul September playlist series. Other artists selected to curate playlists for this series include icons such as John Legend, Toni Braxton, Anthony Hamilton, Tamia, and more. “This playlist includes songs from my family, Mwanjé and Titose, to R&B legends such as Prince, Laura Mvula and Jazmine Sullivan, who have inspired me to be the artist I am today. These songs make me happy, sad, emotional, in love—they make me feel human, and I am forever indebted to these artists for making me feel,” says Moonga K. You can listen to Moonga K’s playlist here.

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