New Recommended Webtoons You Should Check Out Now!

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If you have been searching for something new to read, then maybe it is time to start something you may never have tried before, and if you have, well then you can stay for the newest recommendations! Webtoons have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years; since comic books and graphic novels are more popular in the western countries, it can be difficult to reach that height, however, webtoons are now not uncommon amongst the public, so read on for some new webtoons you can start reading now.

The World After the Fall

“Faced with imminent defeat and certain death, would you choose to run – or continue to fight for a doomed world? When mysterious towers appear across the world, summoning monsters that prey on mankind, this is the choice presented to the Tower Walkers – adventurers with special powers to fight the monsters. On the brink of death, they can choose to use a “regression stone” to return to the past for a second chance, though this decision places them in a separate timeline forever. Stubborn Tower Walker Jaehwan rejects this choice, choosing to fight for the original timeline, and learning shocking secrets about the Tower along the way.”

My S-Class Hunters

“Yoojin is an F-ranker overshadowed by his little brother, an S-ranker. All he does is get in his brother’s way, causing trouble wherever he goes. When a seemingly routine dungeon raid goes wrong and costs Yoojin his brother’s life, Yoojin decides to use the wish granted by clearing the dungeon to reset his timeline. The plan was to lead a quiet life from now on… but now it turns out he can help other people become S-rankers?! Maybe this is Yoojin’s chance at building his own entourage of powerful metahumans… but it may be easier said than done.”

To The Stars and Back

“Introverted and grumpy, 20-year-old Kang Dae spends the majority of his time alone, and he prefers it this way. One day, he gets a very friendly and bubbly neighbor named Bo Seon. Suddenly, his life takes a very different turn.”

Rewriting the Villainess

“Commander Liza Mary of the Imperial Knights returns victorious to the Empire of Phaeton after a long war to subjugate an enemy kingdom. But little did she know that her beloved fiancé Illian would leave her for Flora, the princess of the fallen enemy kingdom… After drinking herself into a heartbroken stupor that night, Liza awakens to the modern world in the body of timid high-schooler, Doeun. Puzzled and confused, Liza seeks to find out what happened and return to her own world, aided by Doeun’s friends Ian and Lora, who look suspiciously like Illian and Flora!”

A Whirlwind Campus Affair

“Rumor has it that Baram Oh had an affair with her married art school professor. It’s been four years since that debacle, and now she’s back at campus to try and enjoy her college life. But she’s not the only thing who’s returned: there’s rumors of a water ghost roaming the halls, and it just might be following her around.”

The Fox Club

“Meet Sangmok High’s Fox Club, home to the prettiest, wealthiest, and most popular girls in school. To ordinary Onyu Park, whose most extraordinary trait is being best friends with the gorgeous Chaeri Shin, the Foxes exist in a whole other world – or so she thinks – until she and Chaeri are suddenly thrown into the Fox Club headfirst! As if adjusting to high school wasn’t hard enough, the girls find themselves surrounded by prying eyes, rumors, catty schemes, and budding romance. Will Onyu and Chaeri’s friendship survive all of the drama and secrets? Who are the Foxes, really? And does Onyu have what it takes to become one of them?”

Lily Crown

“Escaping a political marriage and her glowing crown were just the start of Lilinae’s journey. Becoming the queen of Shootend, meeting her two knights, and braving hostile kingdoms to get back home — that’s where things get interesting.”

It’s On

“The year is 2008. The On siblings have moved from Korea to America, and there’s a lot more to get used to than just being the new kids in school. Join So-won and Woo as they try to find their footing in Los Angeles.”

The Tax Reaper

“Crooked businessmen and civil servants got you down? Call the undertaker of the tax world, the Tax Reaper. Jaehyeon Shin has a gift that lets him see the amount of illegally withheld taxes as a number floating above people’s heads. But when he uses this ability to whistleblow on someone in his own company, he gets the axe. Branded a traitor in the business world, he decides to become a government employee and catch all the dirty white-collar criminals that profit through tax loopholes. Who’s neck will the Tax Reaper’s righteous blade strike next?”

Opposite of Always

“When Jack meets Kate, he’s sure that they’re meant to be. But just when life seems poised to prove him wrong, he finds himself in a loop that keeps him pursuing her…forever. With no clues to lead his path, other than the moment they meet and her tragic fate, Jack races against the infinitely ticking clock to save Kate and break the time loop for good.”