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Airline really cooking with promotion aimed at foodies to win return flights
Proflight Zambia representatives join Voyagers staff, restauranteurs and other sponsors of a new promotion to win flights at selected reestaurants.

Proflight Zambia representatives join Voyagers staff, restauranteurs and other sponsors of a new promotion to win flights at selected restaurants.

Lusaka, Zambia – Proflight Zambia has joined forces with Voyagers Zambia and Digi Print to serve up the chance to food lovers of winning free flights. The airline launched a campaign on April 11, at Proflight’s head office, backed by one-stop travel shop for Zambia Voyagers Zambia and digital printing company Digi Print, along with restaurants Malabar, Eataly, Cake Bar, Hussar Grill and John Dory’s, to offer the opportunity to customers of landing promotional flights. Customers enjoying a meal and a drink from the listed restaurants stand the chance of enjoying a further tasty treat by winning free tickets to any local destination Proflight flies to.
Proflight Zambia’s director of government and industrial affairs Captain Philip Lemba said: “I would like to thank all the partners that have joined us in this campaign which is helping to support tourism and air travel.
“Proflight holds tourism dearly to its heart. Launching this campaign gives us the platform to promote tourism and the exploration of our country. And the promotional flights will allow the winners to fly to any local destination we fly to as Proflight. “All you need to do is just spend on a meal and a drink to stand the chance of winning two return flights to any local destination. It’s very simple.” Captain Philip Lemba added: “Let’s discover Zambia together. With this campaign we are certain that more people will be encouraged to discover Zambia. Fly for adventure or visit friends and family you have not been in touch with in a long time due to the distances apart. “Good luck to all food lovers in winning the promotional flights to that special destination of your choice.”
One thing about flying is that it gives you the power to manage your time more efficiently. After a short flight, you could be in Livingstone viewing the magnificent Victoria Falls, or down in Mfuwe or Lower Zambezi having some fresh air as you get in touch with nature, or even Kafue or Kalabo.
The Proflight campaign will persuade locals to discover Zambia and, in the process, boost tourism travel around the country.
Entering is very simple. Send a copy of your receipt from any of the listed restaurants to 260 960 709 851 via WhatsApp. Fliers and table talkers have been made available to customers in participating restaurants with more details about the campaign.
Once at the listed restaurant, just buy a meal and a drink in the offer and stand a chance to win two flights on any domestic route serviced by Proflight.