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“The UK supply chain is having a bit of a ‘mare right now. This is having a knock-on effect with some of our restaurants across England, Scotland and Wales,” Nandos announced on Twitter

If you are a chicken aficionado like myself, the news of Nandos closing down 45 of its restaurants, probably sent you into a mini coma. As far as restaurants that specialise in serving chicken, Nandos is at the top of the list for those that appreciate well marinated chargrilled chicken with a side of olives and corn on the cob.

As unbelievable as it sounds, Nandos; known for its unique Portuguese style chicken, and restaurants with an atmosphere that brings you an Afrocentric vibe and music, as they serve you their delicious chicken, spiced rice and mash with a nice cold Corona, Savana or that ever so popular bottomless drink, did in fact run out of its most famous dish the Peri-Peri Chicken.

Nandos have said in a statement “The UK food industry has been experiencing disruption across its supply chain in recent weeks due to staff shortages and a number of our restaurants have been impacted,” they stated that the “primary bottleneck was at UK chicken distributors, which have warned in recent weeks that Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic have created a “perfect storm” that’s limiting production.”

As much as it might seem like an isolated incident, Nandos is in fact the latest amongst a number of restaurants that have experienced a strain in their supply chain as a result of the corona virus pandemic which has lead to a shortage of staff. Combine that with Britain’s departure from the EU, à la carte BREXIT, certainly has had an impact on productivity for many businesses, turning it into an unfortunate series of events that have lead to the shortages.

Earlier this month The British Poultry Council said “worker shortages are widespread, with farming and processing businesses reporting an average job vacancy rate of 16%. Weekly chicken production has been slashed by up to 10%. Farmers across the country have expressed a shortage of workers, and Ranjit Singh Boparan the founder of 2 Sister Food Groups a subsidiary of Boparan Holdings Ltd said in a statement “The operating environment has deteriorated so profoundly I can see no other outcome than major food shortages in the UK. Supply of chicken and turkey is under threat,”

When all is said and done, it is one thing to chuckle a little at the idea of restaurants like Nandos running out of chicken, however in the greater scheme of things, it in fact affects individuals and their well being a lot more than we think, as the combined BREXIT and Pandemic are clearly reeking havoc in people’s lives and affecting employment in a really bad way.

Since the initial announcement via Twitter on Wednesday, Nandos have since re-stocked on their chicken and are able to once again serve their devoted customers the tasty Peri-Peri chicken. Like many who sign up to newsletters, I received an email from Nandos with a heading stating “We’re back! We promise…” and a note in the email saying “That was awkward, wasn’t it? But with a wing and a prayer, we’re back open. With chicken. Aaaand breathe. Just a note to say thanks for bearing with us this week – it’s been a wild ride but we’re back on track. Winner winner, actual-chicken-on-the-menu dinner. See you down your local.”

So what are you waiting for, go on and get yourself that nice Friday night Nandos dinner; unfortunately for me, they have no delivery available to my area at the moment sigh, I guess I will have to wait until the next time I travel to the restaurant. Bon Appetit!

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