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Movies have long been a part of our everyday lives, they help us create unforgettable memories with friends and family, there are some movies that we will never forget even if we tried, they have brought so much joy and so many memories, here is a reminder of some of the old time classics.


Many of us have watched this movie more than once, it is one of the most renowned Christmas movies of all times, it has the perfect blend of family fun with a beautiful story line and fun characters. Its a movie about a boy who accidentally gets left alone at home by his family who are in a hurry to get to the airport for the their family vacation.


If you have never seen this movie, you most likely lived under a rock at the time, the relevance of this movie remains years later. It takes you down an emotional roller coaster ride and is guaranteed to leave you teary eyed no matter how tough you are. Jack and Rose make you want to believe in love again, the characters and their emotions were portrayed so well.


This timeless classic movie is such a great feel good rom com, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere had such great chemistry on screen that had everyone hooked to the movie, the story of a business man falling for someone he would not necessarily fall for. It is a feel good movie that just makes you happy , the transformation from lady of the night into a lady is an intriguing story line , she new her worth all the time despite having one of the lowest jobs.


The songs and background music were undeniably great, it is one of the best depictions of South African history during the brutal time of apartheid era, other movies captured apartheid mood during this era from a foreign perspective but Sarafina made you feel like you were there during that horrible time. It is such a beautiful movie with very sad moments but necessary.

There are many more classic movies, these are just a few that we compiled in order to bring them to your attention. Incase you are looking for a movie for the next movie night, try out any of these classics. It is hard to forget these movies as they have such amazing story lines which withstand the test of time.

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