Movie review – Transformers : Age of Extinction

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TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION begins after an epic battle left a great city torn, but with the world saved. As humanity picks up the pieces, a shadowy group reveals itself in an attempt to control the direction of history…while an ancient, powerful new menace sets Earth in its cross-hairs. With help from a new cast of humans (led by Mark Wahlberg), Optimus Prime and the Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet. In an incredible adventure, they are swept up in a war of good and evil, ultimately leading to a climactic battle across the world


  • The action sequences were extraordinary, brilliant visual effects really brought the scenes to life.
  • Great acting by Mark Wahlberg .


  • The over reliance of action over a good story line is the main flaw .
  • Nicola Peltz , who played Tessa Yeager, daughter of Mark Wahlbergs character , did a good job but the whole “damsel in distress ” aspect that all the transformer movies has, needs to go .
  • At 2hrs 37min the movie was a tad bit too long .
  • If you have never watched any of the transformers movies ,this one may be hard to follow .



Optimus Prime: After all we have done, humans are hunting us. But I fear we are all targets now.

Optimus Prime: There are innumerable mysteries to the universe. But who we are, is not one of them. That answer lies inside us. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to my creators: leave Earth alone, for I’m coming for you!

Harold Attinger: There are no good aliens or bad aliens! It’s just us, or them… and you chose them over us!


This was a highly anticipated movie , my personal favorite actor , Mark Wahlberg was the lead actor in the newly cast fourth movie in the Transformers series . Age of Extinction delivers everything we were promised ; intense action scenes , spectacular visual effects .The only thing lacking was good story telling . The plot was so thin that things seemed to happen with out rhyme or reason . This is a good action movie , but that’s all it is . The last Transformers movie , Dark of the moon , had a thrilling story line that got you emotionally invested in the characters ,something Age of extinction clearly lacks .


3 out of 5