Moonga K releases empowering new single titled, black, free & beautiful

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Moonga K’s “black, free & beautiful” is his first offering off upcoming “CANDID” EP and reflects the mood of the project; a soundtrack to our collective journeys of self-acceptance.

Johannesburg, Friday, 2 July 2021 – Singer, songwriter, and activist, Mooga K, releases an empowering new single titled “black, free & beautiful” which aims to add to the conversations of racial reckoning on a global scale, but also provides a moment for us to groove and dance like we’re on Soul Train.

“black, free & beautiful is an affirmation that I was raised to tell myself and something I aspire to always be, and it is a song that I hope all black people can resonate with and feel empowered with against the never-ending white gaze,” shares Moonga K.

He adds: “So much of my experience as an artist is becoming familiar with my history and the culture of people who look and live like me. Showing ALL of our community and its beauty, and its ugliness and trauma and magic, and how we deal with all of this.”

Stream or download Moonga K’s “black, free & beautiful” now – https://Platoon.lnk.to/blackfreebeautiful

With a diverse musical palette that incorporates R&B, funk, soul, hip hop, rock, and electronic styles, Moonga K sought to express his creativity through style and partnered with Levi’s Haus Africa to bring the creative concept for “black, free & beautiful” to life.

“When met with the challenge to create a one-of-a-kind outfit for Moonga K, the Haus Africa team took inspiration from Prince and channeled that energy into a gender less and timeless look customised and tailored perfectly for him,” shares Angela Weickl from Levi’s Haus Africa.

The shoot which materialised the press images used for the artwork for “black, free & beautiful” was shot at the iconic Johannesburg jazz restaurant, The Marabi Club, which has attracted the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z, Kelly Rowland and other top US celebs to dine there.

Having achieved recognition as Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight and OkayAfrica’s 2018 list of ‘15 Best South African Albums So Far’ and received high acclaim from international publications such as The Fader, Moonga K is an artist on the rise and one to watch.

Connect with Moonga K:

Facebook: @moongak

Twitter: @moongak_

Instagram: @moongak_

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