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Taonga Kaonga is a Zambian fashion blogger, content creator, a features article writer for Zambia’s largest private commercial airline’s in -flight magazine, Nkwazi and she also runs her own business. She has been blogging for about six years and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from The University of Zambia. She has a great love for story telling, and fashion, and is dedicated to helping the fashion industry grow. Taonga is passionate about women empowerment, media and all things fashion related. She believes that the fashion industry is just as important as any other sector, as it plays a big role in the global economy. Many jobs can be created and have been created through Fashion but somehow it has not yet received the respect it deserves.

Taonga names her mother as her biggest inspiration as well as any person who chooses to fight the odds, constantly reaches beyond themselves, ambitious and chases their dreams fiercely.

With her long standing passion for fashion Taonga decided to start her blog whilst she was still at university. As a fashionista she found that people would constantly ask her where she got her clothes from and would ask her to help them style certain outfits. It was then when she realized she needed to start a fashion blog to help many others in need for fashion advice, as well as share her style stories. Taonga believes authenticity is what makes a great fashion blogger because we all have a unique sense of style, “no one can do you better than you” Says Taonga.

“Fashion is a fad. It’s something that is happening ‘right now’. Style is unique to everyone, it is a person’s own opinion, own choice in clothes and accessories; It is a reflection of somebody’s personality.”

Taonga believes it is important as Africans particularly with our rich culture and fashion, to narrate our own stories because nobody knows them better than we do. If we do not, the world will tell it for us as they perceive it.

When asked what her greatest achievement is so far, She mentioned that it has been the mere courage to start. Taonga says “many times people have brilliant ideas but do not act on them. Which makes starting and actually bringing your business to life hard.”

You can follow Taonga’s work on her blog teeblogz.wordpress.com

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