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Meet Samantha Jane Lilato Sakala also known as Lato, daughter to the legendry Producer Jack Sakala. Lato is a singer and songwriter whose sound is different from what we are used to. This young talent is only 19 years old but has such a seasoned voice as though she has been doing this for a long time. Her music is very soulful and has a slight jazz touch to it, which is not common for someone so young. Lato is slowly making her way to the top with her unique style of music. She recently featured on ZNBC Series Butuku and is also the voice behind the show’s sound tracks.

Samantha Jane Lilato Sakala

When asked to describe herself, this is what the young talent had to say; “I’m a creative with a passion for music and poetry. I’m a writer too, targeting to become an author soon. I believe in God. Always learning and improving. Lato is not only a great singer but she is also an actress, you can catch her Butuku and she is currently working on some projects soon to be released. Lato plays Piano, Photography and also has an interest in the production side of music.


She is looking forward for Zambia and the world at large to get to know and fall deeply in love with her music. She says she has been waiting for this moment for a long time and is grateful to God that it is finally starting to come into fruition. Lato is fully aware of the pressure that comes with fame and is trying her level best to prepare for that moment adequately as she has seen many talented acts lose their way because they folded under pressure. Her mother plays a big role in helping her stay grounded and always reminding her to put God first in everything she does.

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