MCM London Comic Con: What It Is And The Best Costumes

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MCM Comic Con 2022 just took place last weekend on the 27th, 28th, and the 29th of May; the annual pop culture event in London gave everyone who loves video games, anime, comics, and more a lot to get excited about! Not to mention, the cosplayers this year did an amazing job as usual, so why not scroll down and check out some of the best costumes?

Held at the ExCel Centre in London, this hugely popular event begins on a Friday and runs for three days until Sunday with a packed schedule planned throughout the weekend. “The exhibition which celebrates all things geek-worthy is filled full of things that will appeal to lovers of video games, comics, anime, board games, pop culture and more.” From special guest appearances, stages and panels to visit, a range of merchandise to purchase, a cosplay competition, gaming and comic tables, things to buy for K-Pop, anime, manga lovers, and more, MCM Comic Con is the place to be!

Last weekend, some guests in attendance were YouTubers like the “Trash Taste crew (CDawgVA, Gigguk, The Anime Man), Ashens, outsidexbox’s Oxventure and more”. Acting and voice talent in attendance include “Erika Harclacher (Demon Slayer, Persona 5), David Ajala (Star Trek Discovery) and Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead)”.

If gaming is your thing then these stands would have interested you: Genshin Impact Stand, The Gaming Library, Retro Zone, Multi-player Lounge, and BYOC (Bring Your Own Console). “The Gaming Library: From the original Xbox, to Gamecubes, PS2’s and 3’s, right through to trusty PCs, our gaming library has them all.”

Check out the official website HERE, the Twitter page HERE, and the Instagram HERE.

Check out the best costumes here:

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