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The Malawian Oscars selection committee has chosen the movie Fatsani to represent the country in the 94th annual academy awards in 2022, the film is in the category of best film international feature film, this is a great achievement for the movie as it is an independent film.

Fatsani is a short film about a girl who lives with her grandmother and is forced to sell bananas in the streets for survival following the closure of her school due to sanitation issues and corruption. The short film fits in the category by virtue of being a feature-length motion picture produced outside the United states with a predominantly non-English dialogue track, however the final cut for the Best International Feature film will be announced by the Academy.

The movie will officially premiere in Zambia on the 26 September at Sotambe Film Institute, Zambian gospel artist Pompi today released a song called ‘Kwacha’ which is the official soundtrack for the movie, he took to his face book and told fans about the great news:

Exciting news, Fatsani the movie for which I did the Kwacha” soundtrack for has been selected for the 94th Oscars 2022 annual film festival for Best International Feature Film. The awards will be taking place in Los Angeles, California and for an independent movie this is a major milestone.”

Prophet Bushiri was seen attending the Malawian premiere of the film and he gave the team k20 million towards the promotion of the movie because he believed in its potential to do extremely well and compete at an international level. Malawi was first represented at the Oscars in 2018 at the 91st edition, it was Shemu Joya’s ‘The road to sunrise’ that took center stage that year.

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