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Magnus Mando and Kunda Mando

Prominent gospel artist and producer Magnus Mando popularly known as Mag44 has released a new single titled ‘Mr Mando’ which features his older sister former Assistant executive producer at ZNBC Kunda Mando. The song which was released earlier today is a feel good song with catchy lyrics like “you are more than conqueror Naukula mwana wandi tabalishe Ngoma”. Fans have immediately taken a liking to the new single but however found it strange that he would feature his sister on a record but still appreciate her great vocal ability, which surprised many.

The rapper had this to say; “I did a song with my older sister (who was forced because it’s her responsibility lol) on my first single #MrMando . It took a while for my sister (Kunda Mando, such an amazing sister) to catch the flow but she finally got it. This song marks the beginning of a transition in my life. Get the song now on Mvesesani and give me your thoughts”. Fellow gospel artist Esther Chungu also shared a post on Social media, she wrote; “My big brother @thenameismag44 just dropped a new song and it features his big sister and my favorite childhood Sunday childhood sunday school teacher, aunt Kunda!”

His been known for his amazing beats, creative direction, great punchlines, minister of the Gospel, a Gospel Activist. Prior to his transformation, Mag44, was an upcoming hip hop artist with a love of word play, but after his conversion his been known mostly for his productions like Fyn Fyn Boy, Chikondi for Tio and I Got game Mandiva, Nyamula Manja for Gospel Activist plus many more, too many to mention. However, very few people knew this Zambian producer was as gifted on the MIC.

He released a song called Vichani which speaks of our identity of being God’s children. Vichani played all over airwaves in Zambia, it got a lot of downloads on retunes and a lot of love from fans that Mag44 never thought he had. After unleashing the single he decided to finish off what God started by now releasing a music video for the Song.

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